Insurance For Small Groups

Teachers Group Plan

Teachers Group Plan provides life, accident, and disability insurance benefits for your teachers and administrative staff of schools and universities. It also provides benefits in case of hospitalization.

Minimum Number of Lives is 15

Maximum Number of Lives is 100

Plan Features
Accidental death and disability benefits
Hospitalization benefits such as room & board and professional fees
Surgical benefits
Special hospital services such as x-ray, laboratory tests, administered medicines, anesthesia and operating room expenses
Experience Refund - All companies under this group plan are pooled together. At the end of the year, if there is a surplus after claims and expenses under the pool, InLife may distribute a portion of such surplus to the companies.

Other Insurance For Small Groups

​Employee Secure Plan

Provides life, accidental death and disability, and total and permanent disability benefits to employees engaged in non-hazardous businesses

Employee Secure Plus Plan

Provides life and accident insurance, and hospitalization benefits for small-sized companies engaged in non-hazardous and semi-hazardous businesses

Security Guard Plan

Provides life, burial, accident and disability benefits to security personnel employed under a security group or a company

​Students Group Plan

Provides life insurance protection with hospitalization benefits for individuals in primary, secondary and tertiary education

Students & Teachers Plan

Offers life insurance coverage for both teachers and students. Plus, the students get to have additional benefits for injuries caused by accidents

​Students & Teachers (ST) Health+ Plan

Provides life, accident, and disability insurance benefits for teachers and administrative staff of schools and universities

​Alumni Secure Plan

Secures alumni members through life protection, accident and disability coverage, total and permanent disability coverage, terminal illness and hospitalization benefits

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