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Basic Cover Plus

Basic Cover Plus

InLife Basic Cover Plus

Basic Cover Plus offers up to double the insurance coverage you paid for and lets you continue to live worry-free when you receive your money back after your policy expires. Pay for 10 years, be covered for 20, and enjoy freely the comforts of life for yourself and your loved ones.

Consider the advantages of Basic Cover Plus:

Your maturity benefit after the 20ᵗʰ year or the death benefit will be paid out to you or your loved ones, regardless of how the financial market performs.

Double Coverage
During the 6ᵗʰ to 20ᵗʰ year of your policy, your insurance coverage increases to 2x of what you had originally signed up for. It goes up 1.5x if you get the policy at 51-60 years old.

Money Back
After the last year of your policy, the annual amount you paid for life insurance throughout the entire 20 years will be given back to you, PLUS a little more, as a maturity benefit. It’s as if you were insured for free!

Enhanced Benefits
Riders, which will give you additional coverage, can be attached to your policy. The list of accident, health, term, and disability riders are available here.

Sample Computation

*Figures are for illustration purposes only.

So, stop worrying and let us cover the basics for you. Get Basic Cover Plus today!

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