My Story InLife

krizia blanco


The Free-spirited, Millennial MDRT Awardee
About myself
I am a millennial Financial Advisor of Santiago City, Isabela and I do what I do because I believe in the significance of insurance in the life of every Filipino, whatever age and stage they might be in.
Why InLife?
I chose InLife because it has inspired me to be faithfully of service in my own country. It withstood challenging times and did not stop servicing the Filipino people. I know that when that policy needs to be transformed into proceeds, Inlife would not disappoint. I would be given in time the hope I was promised.
Why become an InLife Financial Advisor?
We, millennials, are on the verge of wanting dreams to happen. Inlife allows us to live those dreams and help fellow millennial live theirs. It allows us to put our financial plans in order to further live more in the future.

How fulfilling it is to have a work that extends victory to others?
How satisfying it is to have a work helping us roll out plans until we get 60, 70, 80?

Many overlooked the planning stage because they thought or feel like they’re going to make it. But sadly, without proper planning, not everyone makes it. By joining Inlife, we can be the tool to make sure everybody does—— including ourselves.