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My Story InLife

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Kristina Monsanto portrait


The Goal-Getter, Millennial MDRT Awardee
About myself:

I am Tina Monsanto, a Financial Advisor of Insular Life Cebu and I love going to the beach and boxing.

Why InLife?

I chose InLife because it is the only mutual insurance company by the Filipino for the Filipinos with over a hundred years of unbroken service.

Why become an InLife Financial Advisor?

At InLife, we are able to mix work and play. While working to provide financial literacy to Filipino families — helping them achieve their financial goals while protecting their future, we are also able to spend time with our own families, travel, attain unlimited education and have that sense of fulfilment that we’re able to help our fellow Filipinos. At InLife, we can truly enjoy the best things in life.

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