My Story InLife

julianne benitez


The Dynamic, Millennial MDRT Awardee
About myself
I am a Licensed Financial Professional of Makati/EYJ Insurance Agency and I love listening to people’s stories - who they are, what’s important to them, and where they want to be 3 or 30 years from now. I love setting goals with them, and I want to be there when they start achieving them one by one.
Why InLife?
InLife, I am able to enjoy everything the business has to offer - I meet new people, see the world, and improve myself every single day. But ultimately, I get to carry out my advocacy of making sure that each and every Filipino understands and lives a life of financial independence.
Why become an InLife Financial Advisor?
InLife is home to the bravest of dreamers and hardest of workers. This is the life-changing ride that you've been waiting for. Hop on! Bring your A-game, ignite that passion, and together - let’s discover the best InLife.