Solid Cover

Solid Cover is a peso-denominated, regular pay, investment-linked insurance product that offers maximum protection for as low as Php 1,700 per month or Php 20,000 per year (Php 55 per day).

Get maximum protection for your family with InLife's Solid Cover.

Consider the advantages of Solid Cover:

Php 55 per day
Minimum premium of P1,700 per month or P20,000 per year.
10 year Guaranteed Coverage
Continuous coverage for 10 years regardless of market conditions for as long as premiums are paid and no withdrawals are made.
180x Annual Premium
Maximum coverage you can get (depends on age and rating).
Living Benefit
Withdrawable funds to cover lifestyle expenses or family bonding expenses.

Sample Computation

For a 35 year old individual with an annual premium of Php20K and insurance coverage of Php 3.2M, here is how Solid Cover works.

Solid Cover provides continuous coverage for 10 years despite dips in market performance, for as long as premiums are paid and no withdrawals have been made. You will continue to be insured and benefits will be paid to your beneficiaries even if there are no withdrawable funds.

Fund Types

Money Market Fund
Peso Fixed Income Fund
Dollar Fixed Income Fund
Dollar Global Multi-Asset Fund
Peso Global Multi-Asset Fund
Balanced Fund
Equity Fund
Growth Fund
Peso Global Equity Fund
O.N.E. Fund
Peso Global Technology Fund
Dollar Opportunity Fund
Guardian Fund
Select Equities Fund

Additional Benefits

Waiver of Premium Benefit

Waives all regular premiums due during the continuance of the disability, which has been ongoing for 6 months, whether temporary or permanent, due to sickness or accident

Accidental Death Benefit

Accidental Death Benefit

Special Accident Rider

Pays additional benefit covering not only death but also specific injuries resulting from the accident

Dread Disease Rider

Provides a lump sum amount when the insured is diagnosed with any covered dread diseases.

Payor's Rider

Waives the policy's regular premiums if the policy owner dies prior to the expiry date of the rider, i.e., until age 23 of the child.

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