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Are you ready to take on #Adulting? Let our Savings Tips guide you! It’s Insular Life’s official blog dedicated to share articles and tips to the public on how to save, invest, budget, plan your finances, protect your wealth, among others.

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Some Good Things Inlife Are Free

In Personal Finance

  Love month is here and for many people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let their romantic side shine by starting to think of what gifts to give, what places to get away in, and what extraordinary things to do ...

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What Has Love Got To Do With Investing?

In Investment

  From the title of this blog, you might surmise that I am trying to equate investing to love. Far from it. But there are similarities between investing and love. To some degree, you can say that investing needs to be patient, investing ...

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Ride On The Train

In Personal Finance

  Yup, I have that typical employee story, too. They say that the only things certain in this world are death and taxes. Whoever said that must have forgotten about bills. Just like you, I have the usual deductibles from my monthly paycheck ...

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Income Tax Savings From Train

In Personal Finance

  Of late, there has been much talk about income tax savings from the tax reform for acceleration and inclusion or TRAIN law. To get an idea of how much these savings could amount to, I took the DoF Tax Calculator for ...

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3 Parts Of Emotional Investing

In Investment

  In the past, I would quote Jesse Livermore in saying that you should take away the FGHI’s in investing. FGHI is the acronym for fear, greed, hope and ignorance, which to Livermore were the emotions in investing. But, taking out emotions in ...

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9 Ways Train Affects Your Investments

In Investment

  Apart from having an impact on estate planning, the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act or TRAIN Act also impacts your investments, including investments that you may donate to others. Here are the nine (9) ways in which the TRAIN ...

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3 Similarities Between Investing And Driving

In Investment

  While being stuck in traffic the other day, I could not help realizing the striking similarities between investing and driving. Here are three of them: 1. You need to plan. The government keeps on coming up with don’ts to reduce the level ...

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