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Recovery Equity Fund

Recovery Equity Fund

Increase your life protection and expand your financial portfolio by riding the Philippine economic recovery

The Philippine economy has gone through a number of crises. But given the country’s resiliency and growth path, it has proven time and again that it can recover and even exceed its pre-crisis levels.

COVID-19 caused the Philippine stock market to decline by 40.8% in March. While it has recovered about 30% from the bottom, Sept. 2020 levels show that it is still -23% down vs. 2019 year end, as uncertainties continue to loom.

InLife's Recovery Equity Fund

The Recovery Equity fund is a one of a kind fund in the market It is the only existing fund in the market today that is focused on taking advantage of the potential recovery performance of the country’s economy.

The fund shall employ an active approach to investing to take advantage of market weakness and ride the road to market and economic recovery. It will be investing primarily in common stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

It seeks to provide a short-medium term portfolio growth from capital appreciation with a return target of 25% of your paid premium over 5 years for premiums over P475,000. For policies with single premium of less than P475,000, the actual return shall be less than the Return Objective, due to initial charges.

Investing in the Recovery Equity Fund is available through insurance with investment product, Solid Fund Builder – Recovery Equity Fund. 

Solid Fund Builder - Recovery Equity Fund

Solid Fund Builder - Recovery Equity Fund is a single-pay 5-year life insurance product with an investment component that helps you achieve your short to medium-term financial goals by giving you exclusive access to the Recovery Equity Fund. The Fund is a LIMITED OFFER, created to allow Filipino investors like you to gain from the recovery of the Philippine stock market. 

Consider the advantages of investing in the Recovery Equity Fund through a Solid Fund Builder  life insurance plan:

Faster Fund Growth
The Recovery Equity Fund aims to provide a 25% return for premiums over P475,000. For policies with single premium of less than ₱475,000.00, the actual return shall be less than the Return Objective, due to initial charge. This gives you an opportunity to lay a financial plan for the next five (5) years to grow your wealth in step with the Philippine economic recovery and use your fund proceeds for travel, business expansion, a new prized asset, or any other financial need you may have.
One-time Commitment
You don’t have to worry about future premiums as it requires only a one-time payment of at least Php 100,000 to avail of this opportunity.
Active Fund Management
The fund will be actively managed by the Investment Management Division of Insular Life that collectively has 70+ years of industry experience, spanning multiple disciplines of equity and fixed income fund management, risk management, and actuarial services.
Increased Protection
The life insurance coverage of Solid Fund Builder is equivalent to 125% of the paid premium or fund value, whichever is higher. The growth of your fund boosts your life protection.

Sample Computation

*The fund values are for illustration purposes only and are not indicative of the actual rate that may occur.

If the fund achieves the 25% return objective before the 5th year, you may opt for any of these options:
  • Withdraw the fund and terminate the policy - subject to decreasing withdrawal charges of 5% to 1%, depending on the year you will withdraw
  • Switch to other funds
  • Continue with the Recovery Fund until the end of the 5-year period where the return objective of 25 will no longer be guaranteed. As with other investment vehicles, your funds will be subject to the actual performance of the fund.

If the fund does not achieve the 25% by the 5th year:
Policyholders will have the option to withdraw or switch to other funds. Fund value will be based on the performance of the chosen fund.

If you decide to withdraw before the 5th year and 25% return has not been met yet:
A 10% withdrawal charge on the current value of your withdrawn fund will apply. This is to prevent the adverse impact of forcing the fund manager to sell down a position at a less favorable time just to service withdrawals.

The opportunity to ride on the recovery of the country from a crisis doesn’t happen every day. Take advantage of the Philippine economic recovery with Solid Fund Builder – Recovery Equity Fund. Connect with your Financial Advisor today to secure limited slots.

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