September 17, 2019

The Four Steps to Coco Martin's MAPERAAN Ways

When it comes to today’s local showbiz, the name Coco Martin ranks very high.

Truth is, when Coco speaks, people listen. He commands respect, not only because of Cardo Dalisay, the FPJ character he plays on primetime TV these days, but because for our kababayans nationwide and around the world, he represents the reality that dreams do come true for those who are bold and for those who work hard for it. 

If you ask Coco how he was able to achieve success beyond his wildest dreams, he has this simple formula: "Matuto kang magpahalaga sa oportunidad."

As simple as this principle might be, it was enough to give Coco an anchor for which he developed four winning ways that he used to achieve personal and career success. He agrees that being MAPERAAN and madiskarte is a life lesson he learned while growing up that played a big part in his journey towards massive success. 

In this no-holds-barred question and answer session with Insular Life, Coco Martin shared his life story, his inspiration, and the MAPERAAN principles that he lives by that all of us can learn from, no matter how difficult our birth circumstances might be in our own journey towards achieving our dreams. 

1. Be grateful

Everything starts with a heart of gratitude. Coco said instead of blaming others for his circumstances growing up, he chose to thank the many people who helped him become who he is today. Number one in his list is his lola (Matilde).

"Mula bata pa ako, ang Lola ko ang nagtaguyod sa amin. Noong na-experience ko yung wala akong magulang nung lumalaki ako natuto akong i-value yung opportunity na meron ako. Tine-treasure ko yung mga taong tumulong sa akin at hindi ko nakakalimutan at patuloy ko na pinasasalamatan," Coco said.

For this reason, many stars and guest actors in his long-running TV program Ang Probinsyano are comeback actors. This is one way that Coco shows his gratitude to those who helped him by paying forward. 

"Ang unang naiisip ko kapag mayroong humihingi ng tulong sa aking ay kung papaano ko siya mabibigyan ng trabaho.  Kasi kapag binigyan ko ng trabaho, hindi lang siya ang matutulungan ko kundi pati ang pamilya niya."

2. Do things for others 

The next principle that serves as Coco’s guide is dreaming big for oneself and for others. He said the hardships of his grandmother created an inner push in himself to achieve and to share his blessings. 

"Nine years old palang ako sinasama na ako ng lola ko sa sabungan para magtinda. At that time, meron siyang mga paninda sa loob ng sabungan. Kung may sakit naman siya, ako na ang naniningil kaya bata pa lang ako sanay na ako sa hanapbuhay. Maperaan na ako kahit noon, madiskarte na ako sa buhay."

Coco explained that these events made him aware of his reality. These also gave him the motivation he needed to achieve success for himself, and others who depend on him. 

This ambition is also one of the reasons why he agreed to become an endorser of InLife. 

"Nalaman ko na isa ang InLife sa mga unang tumulong sa mga tao sa Tacloban pagkatapos nasalanta ng bagyong Yolanda; talagang nakakaproud. Kasi trahedya yan. Ibig sabihin hindi lang iyon problema ng isang maliit na komunidad, kundi problema ng buong bansa. Ang ikinaganda kasi is pareho kami ng hangarin ng InLife, yung i-share kung ano meron ka sa kapwa."
3. Earn more, spend less 

With success, comes fortune. Many stars are known to earn a gazillion, only to find themselves broke at the end of their careers. 

Asked how he was able to sustain his early success and even maintain his stature, Coco revealed one important principle: appreciation. One way to show appreciation is by spending less of what one earns. 

"Matuto kang magpahalaga sa oportunidad. Kung anong meron ka, sa perang pinaghirapan mo, dapat matuto kang mag-impok, mag-invest, kasi ang pera hindi kinikita lang, dapat pinapahalagahan mo rin iyan at alam mo dapat kung saan i-invest ng tama."

Coco explained that money earned is not money spent, contrary to the prevailing wisdom nowadays especially among the young.

"Marami ngayon sa kabataan sabi nila pag nag trabaho, enjoyin mo. Pero sa akin importante ay paghandaan ang future. Ako inaaral ko siya kung paano ko palalaguin itong pera, kasi alam ko importante siya kaya ko pinaghirapan at maraming mapupuntahan ito."

By appreciating the value of money and the effort involved in acquiring it, one will be guided of its proper use, preservation, and growth. 

4. Invest in oneself 

A lot of fans recognize Coco as the lead star of Ang Probinsyano. In this show his acting prowess is indisputable. What many admirers perhaps do not realize is that Coco is more than a pretty face in front of the camera. 

In Ang Probinsyano, he is also engaged in other roles, such as its creative consultant and in some instances and episodes, its director.  

Asked why he keeps reinventing himself, Coco said there’s so much to do, there’s so much to learn, there’s so much to explore. 

"Salamat sa Diyos dahil hindi lang ako umaarte, nagdidirect na rin ako at ako na rin ang producer ng mga pelikula ko," he said. 

Coco explained that becoming an expert in other areas of his field is one of the single biggest investments on himself that he has ever made. 

"Kailangan nating tumaya sa ating sarili. Ito iyong tinatawag na self-improvement. Ang kagandahan dito, kahit sino pwedeng mag-improve – bata, matanda, mayaman o walang-wala. Sa kahit na anong kapalaran ng tao, pwede tayong umasenso basta’t lagi tayong nag iimprove."

Coco Martin is undisputably the king of primetime. This man who appears five times a week on national TV is more than what meets the eye. He was shaped by experiences that turned into life principles that we can all follow in our own journey.
This sums up the success story of Coco: "What you do with what you have is more important than what you have."

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