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InLife, InLife Health Care Offer 3-in-1 COVID-19 Cover

InLife, InLife Health Care Offer 3-in-1 COVID-19 Cover

June 22, 2020
InLife, InLife Health Care Offer 3-in-1 COVID-19 Cover

Insular Life (InLife) and its HMO subsidiary, InLife Health Care (IHC) recently launched a total protection plan that combines term life insurance, hospital income, and health care solution.


Called "Total ProtectER," it is a timely insurance package with three main benefits: six-month term life insurance, daily hospital income for six-months, and a one-time emergency care health plan.


"While it is true that the government continues to foot hospital bills of COVID-19 patients through PhilHealth, there is a limit to these benefits. Therefore, if you are a breadwinner, self-employed, a freelancer, or someone who just started to work, it is advisable to get Total ProtectER as a safety precaution because COVID-19 is covered under the term insurance and hospital income benefit of this product," said InLife Sr. Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer Raoul Antonio E. Littaua.


For the emergency care element, although pandemic diseases such as COVID-19 are not coverable under standard insurance policies, IHC has taken this on under an ex-gratia basis at least until August 31, 2020. 


"I hope our kababayans will take advantage of this opportunity while it is still available. This is a good way to take charge of one’s health needs at a time like this," added Littaua.


Total ProtectER provides life insurance benefits of P500,000 upon death due to natural or accidental causes, a P3,000 daily hospitalization income for up to 15 days if confinement is at least four days due to accidental injury or sickness (up to 15 days per hospital confinement, and a maximum of 90 days total hospitalization) within the six-month coverage period, and a one-time coverage of up to P100,000  on outpatient and inpatient care  for emergency cases due to accidents, viral and bacterial illnesses, and specific conditions.


The emergency care benefit is valid for one year or up until it is used, whichever comes first. Since no medical exams are required – just a health declaration – to purchase the product, customers may get it directly from IHC’s online store.


There are two Total ProtectER premium rates to choose from: P11,750 or P12,450, with the latter including emergency care in Metro Manila’s top 6 hospitals. It is for individuals aged 18 to 64 years old.

On its 110th anniversary, InLife continues to offer products and services that are relevant to its customers’ needs.


For more information on Total ProtectER, interested parties may chat via https://shop.insularhealthcare.com.ph/ or  email support@insularhealthcare.com.ph

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