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Ask Us About Health Insurance In the Philippines

Trusted Provider of Health Insurance in the Philippines

Stay afloat during medical emergencies with InLife's health insurance plans in the Philippines. We offer financial security so you can focus on your recovery.

Life is straightforward when you are physically and financially healthy. But what happens when you aren’t? Health insurance companies in the Philippines are here to keep your mind, and your family’s, at ease, in case those unexpected days come. For times when your health isn’t at its best, InLife’s health insurance coverage plans can take care of you. Our plans include the best care possible should a critical illness strike, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Benefit from a lifetime coverage that takes care of health-related expenses, as well as replenishes your funds through lost income replacement. With our plans, you get the flexibility to identify your preferred hospitalization coverage. Learn more about InLife’s health insurance plans today.

Why You Should Get a Health Insurance Plan in the Philippines

Cover Costly Medical Expenses

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Filipinos spend P526.3 billion for healthcare annually, and most of these are paid out of their own pockets. Not everyone has the financial ability to cover their medical bills, however. A health savings plan spares you from the increasing costs of medical needs.

Care for the Family

Hospitalization is hard for the family, too. Our health insurance plans relieve them from financial burden through Lost Income Replacement — a feature that provides daily cash allowance upon your hospitalization. Should you pass away, our Life Insurance Coverage will make sure your loved ones are compensated.

Peace of Mind

Getting sick and hospitalized puts you and your loved ones under an enormous amount of stress. With health insurance coverage, you have one less thing to concern yourself with. Your focus is to get better, not to worry about where you’re getting the money to pay for your treatments. With our Readily Available Funds insurance feature, you can withdraw from your fund anytime to pay for medication and hospitalization. With an insurance plan, you can prioritize your health.

Our Health Insurance Plans

she cares by sheroes
She Cares

A 3-in-1 insurance solution, this customizable plan protects the investment of every hardworking Filipina. She Cares helps Filipinas create a financially secure future for themselves so they can prioritize caring for themselves and their loved ones. Secure your health and future with She Cares because we care.

prime care
Prime Care

Prime Care is a yearly renewable critical illness plan. If the insured is diagnosed with any of the 35 covered critical illnesses, a lump sum amount is given up diagnosis as well as a cash allowance for 30 months for your recovery expenses.

Wealth Assure Health
Wealth Assure Health

This investment-linked health insurance plan enables policyholders to afford costly treatment of serious illnesses and other health-related expenses. Receive a daily allowance upon your hospitalization for any lost income and gain access to readily available funds.

Wealth secure health
Wealth Secure Health

Wealth Secure Health is an investment-linked health insurance plan that covers the treatment of serious illnesses, funds all health-related expenses, and replaces lost income due to sickness. It also has life insurance coverage for your family in the event of your demise.

Invest in your health. Get in touch with us today.

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Get an estimate of your life insurance and health insurance premiums with our calculator.

In a year, maintenance medicines cost

Hospital confinement amounts to

Current cost of treatment for critical illness is

Hence, total annual health expense isPhp 1,220,000.

With inflation rate of

2017 average inflation rate is 2.9%. (source:

The Health fund I will need in 10 years is 


Insure the family’s most important asset – YOU! Let us help you get covered.
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