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Protection Insurance

How much does your family need to sustain themselves even if you are no longer around?
My current living expenses per month is
which translates to Php 600,000 annually.
I expect my family to be financially capable in
years .
Memorial expenses today cost
With inflation rate of

Note: Inflation rate measures how fast prices for goods and services rise over time. 2017 average inflation rate is 2.9%. (source: www.bsp.gov.ph)

The total insurance coverage I need is


Insure the family’s most important asset – YOU! Let us help you get covered.

Recommended Products

Solid Fund Builder

Payment Terms: One-Time, with option for automated monthly top-ups to build up the fund

For Ages: 0 to 70

Earning your first million to achieve your life goals can be faster and easier.
Wealth Assure

Payment Terms: Flexible Terms

For Ages: 18-70 years old

Benefits you can add: Accident, Disability, Health, Payor's

Get financial protection against life's uncertainties, while allowing investment earnings over time.
Basic Cover Plus

Payment Terms: 10 years

For Ages: 0-60 yearrs old

Basic Cover Plus offers up to double the insurance coverage you paid for and lets you continue to live worry-free when you receive your money back after your policy expires.
Solid Cover

Payment Terms: Flexible Terms

For Ages: 0-70 years old

Benefits you can add: Accident, Disability, Health, Payor's

Get maximum protection for your family at a premium you can afford.
Wealth Secure

Payment Terms: Flexible Terms

For Ages: 0-60 years old

Benefits you can add: Accident, Disability, Health, Payor's

Jumpstart your financial plan to prepare for your future financial needs.
I-Shield Prime

Payment Terms: One-Time

For Ages: 18-64 years old

Cover yourself with an affordable accident insurance plan.
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