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Let InLife Help Prepare Your Assets with Estate Planning

Taxes and name transfers can eat away at the value of your estate.brPreserve the value of your estate to make it easier to transfer to your loved ones when the time comes with estate planning and life insurance.

Why Estate Planning is Beneficial

Immediate Access to a Fund

In the event of your death, your estate may not be easily accessible to your loved ones. This may take many months or even years, leaving them without a steady income to pay the mounting bills. Estate planning insurance gives them access to funds which they can readily use simply by showing your death certificate.

Protects You from Tax Burden

Estate preservation insurance plans are all about protecting your loved ones when you’re gone. Life insurance ensures your loved ones have enough money to cover the estate tax upon your demise so the transfer of titles is smoother, and leaves them with some extra money to help get them by.

Protects Your Children

Nobody thinks of dying young, and nobody wants this to ever happen. But if you’re the parent of a young child or children, you need to be prepared in case the worst happens. Estate planning trusts will ensure your child or children are cared for, even when you are no longer around.

Our Estate Planning Insurance Plans

Wealth Protect

Wealth Protect

Leave a legacy for your future generations.

Payment Terms:
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
For Ages:
0-70 years old
Benefits you can add: Accident Riders, Disablity Riders, Health Riders, Payor Riders

How much in estate taxes will your family have to settle?

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