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Set your sights on abundant years ahead and get there sooner by optimizing your investment.


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Set your sights on abundant years ahead and get there sooner by optimizing your investment.

Prominence is a life insurance and investment plan that enables you to maximize the potential of your money by investing your whole payment to different InLife funds.

Minimum Payment:
Php 475,000
Payment Terms:
Covered Ages:
15 days – 70 years old
Coverage Period:
Up to age 99

Financial Protection for your Family

Set your family up to receive 125% of the amount you paid in premiums upon the time of your death or the amount your investment has grown to, whichever is higher

Add to your investment anytime through top-ups to have a bigger fund to look forward to in the future.

Faster Fund Growth

Grow your funds faster and enjoy the power of compounding interest when your full payment is invested at the start and no initial charges are applied

Ready Funds

Withdraw from your funds anytime without terminating your policy

Access to Expert Fund Management

Achieve your medium to long-term financial goals with the help of InLife fund managers who ensure that the funds’ goals are met

Investment Funds

Money Market | Fixed Income | Balance | Equity | Growth | Select Equities | Guardian | Peso Global Equity | Peso Global Technology

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