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Helping make lives better

Insular Foundation, Inc., formerly the Insular Life Educational Foundation (ILEF), was established in 1963, as one of the first corporate foundations in the country. Since then, it has served thousands of school children attain higher education and achieve a better life through scholarship grants for college and technician courses. It also helped hundreds of teachers improve their knowledge and skills through in-service teacher training, and hundreds of principals develop better interpersonal and managerial skills to run their schools. Then and now, The Insular Foundation has always believed that investing in the development of the nation’s human resources through education is a step toward making life better for our country and our people.
Insular Foundation’s social initiatives are dedicated to pursuing its vision of its engagement and contribution to social development. The following are the current programs being implemented.

Motivating young achievers and opening doors for higher education.

The Insular Life Golden Eagle Incentive Program and College Scholarship Grant

The Foundation is bringing back the Insular Life Golden Eagle Award Incentive program for high school students in the form of the Golden Eagle Award medals awarded to high school valedictorians. Only the top 2,000 public and private high schools are qualified to participate in the program. All recipients are automatically qualified to vie for the ten slots of the Insular Life College Scholarship Grant at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, under the program of Bachelor of Science in Education. The scholarship covers tuition, miscellaneous fee, book allowance, board and lodging and stipend. Through this scholarship, the Foundation aims to encourage academically gifted individuals to pursue a teaching profession so that they can help improve the quality of the next generation of Filipinos.

College Scholarship Grant at UP Diliman under the Mathematics Program

Beginning school year 2007-2008, Insular Foundation forged a tie up with the University of the Philippines, Diliman to support five poor but intelligent students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, as its way of helping the youth gain the highest quality mathematics education. The scholarship grant answers for the full tuition and miscellaneous fees, book allowance and monthly stipend.

 Adopt-A-School Program 

In response to the call of the Department of Education, Insular Foundation adopted two public schools in Muntinlupa, helping them improve their instructions in science and technology. The students at the Muntinlupa Itaas Elementary School now learn the concepts of science and math through the DepEd-prescribed educational programs shown on Knowledge Channel. The three wide-screen TV sets and the cabling facilities donated by the Foundation enable more students to take advantage of the learning opportunities brought about by these technologies.

The high school students and faculty of the Pedro Diaz High School-Buli Annex in Muntinlupa have benefited from the computer laboratory the Foundation donated in 2001. With the donation of 25 brand new personal computers, the computer laboratory became the springboard for Pedro Diaz High School to develop a business curriculum which eventually enabled the school to be accredited as the first Business High School in the Philippines. To maximize the benefit of these facilities, even out-of-school-youths and unemployed adults in the community are given computer training to develop in them a marketable skill.

 Adopt-A-Scholar Program 

In 2003, Insular Life employees adopted 100 elementary students from Muntinlupa Itaas Elementary School with a commitment to see their scholars through graduating in the elementary level. Every year, the employees provide their scholars with one year supply of school materials, school bag and books. By the end of School Year 2008-2009, the program shall have been completed, and 100 students shall have finished their elementary level.

College Scholarship for Insular Life Employees’ Dependents

Excellence is a core virtue rooted deep in the company’s culture and is in fact institutionalized s one of the corporate values. Thus, as the company espouses excellence among its employees, it also provides an incentive to the children of its employees to aspire for excellence. Every year, children of Insular Life employees with at least 90 percent average in their entire high school years could vie for the 5 scholarship grants being offered under The College Scholarship for Insular Life Employees Dependents. The scholarship covers full tuition, miscellaneous fees and book allowance. 

Story Telling and Book Donation Programs

As part of Insular Life’s continuing efforts in building literacy among the Filipino youth, the Foundation regularly donates storybooks to selected schools to encourage the youth to make reading a habit. It also sponsors basic storytelling workshop in partnership with Adarna House, Inc. School teachers from Muntinlupa Itaas Elementary School (MIES) and Tuloy sa Don Bosco as well as some volunteer story tellers have been taught the basic tools of a storyteller such as the choice of book, voice, expressions and movements, and how these factor in making the story more appealing to young listeners. The workshops also tips on how to better engage audiences, and coached selected participants during actual storytelling. 

Toward a system-wide solution to the education crisis

 “57-75 Campaign” to reverse the education crisis

Insular Foundation, whose mission is to help improve the quality of public education in the country, is supporting 57-75 Campaign, particularly the pilot site of the province of Pampanga. The “57-75″ Campaign, is a multi-sectoral, private initiative that proposes focused private sector intervention and school-community action toward system-wide performance improvement. 

“57″ is the current national average score of public elementary school students in National Achievement Test, represent the poor state of education in the country today. “75″ on the other hand is common know as the passing mark that symbolizes the start of academic improvement toward excellence. The interventions must be scalable and sustainable to have long-term impact on education. Thus, the 57-75 Campaign will focus on three areas: improving retention, comprehension (literacy) and achievement. The 57-75 Campaign will have a pilot run in 729 schools in 6 provinces and cities.

The Foundation gave an initial grant that will support the implementation of the 57-75 Campaign in public elementary schools in San Luis, a 4th class municipality of the Province of Pampanga with a population of 41,554 and 17 barangays. The Foundation is also one of the supporters of the “57 Donors of P75,000″ Fundraising Campaign of the LCF, to help support the operations of the 57-75 Campaign.

 Principal Empowerment Program

Insular Foundation has been sponsoring pubic elementary and high school principals from Metro Manila to the Principal Empowerment Program (PEP), an 8-month seminar workshop which aims to strengthen the principals’ competencies, improve their beliefs and attitudes and increase their effectiveness. 

The training provides in-depth analysis, theoretical inputs and practical remedies to address the concerns of principals with regard the management of their schools, conflict resolution, resource mobilization and other topics that will enhance their knowledge and skills to make them better managers and academic leaders. Providing the technical and administrative functions as well as the delivery and management of the program is the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED). Since 2005, Insular Foundation has supported 70 elementary and high school principals to the PEP.

 Volunteerism and Partnership

Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga 

The Foundation has also responded to various calls for assistance from the employees of its parent company, Insular Life. Through its employee council, the company organizes outreach projects to orphanages, homes for the elderly, hospitals, depressed areas, and calamity-stricken areas. Through its partnership with NGOs and other foundations and through its donations, it has supported various causes such as environmental protection, children’s welfare, and social development.

The company’s participation in the Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga demonstrates the spirit of employee volunteerism and cooperation with humanitarian causes. From 2001, employees from the Insular Life group of companies have been helping build homes for poor families in Muntinlupa and Las Pinas under the Habitat for Humanity and the Gawad Kalinga organizations. In 2008, Insular Foundation will support the first ever TamBayani in the GK community in Sunshineville, Las Pinas. The TamBayani is a learning center that will provide educational programs for the GK youth through a series of learning competency training and access to educational enrichment opportunities.

 Honoring modern day Filipino heroes 

The Outstanding Filipinos (TOFIL) Awards 

Insular Life has been the corporate partner of the JCI Senate Philippines in the search for outstanding Filipinos. TOFIL honors Filipinos, 41 years of age and over, whose exemplary performance and outstanding achievements have greatly contributed to the welfare of the Filipino people in enhancing and uplifting the lives of their fellowmen. As of 2007, 94 outstanding Filipinos have been given the TOFIL Award.

In 2006, Insular Life produced the TOFIL Book “Common Threads, Uncommon Lives: Profiles of TOFIL Awardees. These are stories of their diligence, persistence and passion in their chosen field and in their desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The books were shared to 3,000 high schools and more than 500 public and private libraries in the county. It also won the 2006 Gold Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). To know more about TOFIL, log on to

Promoting Filipino Arts and Culture

Insular Life Art Collection and Venue Grants 

Insular Life was among the first Filipino corporations to patronize and promote Philippine art in the 1950′s by commissioning Fernando Amorsolo for a series of paintings on Philippine history and industry. Amorosolo was later honoured with the National Artist Award. Today, the company’s collection of paintings and sculpture of renowned Filipino artist has expanded creating a testament to the Filipinos skill and ingenuity. The company also promotes excellence in the performing arts through it many venue grants to music, dance and production companies in its two theatres located in the Insular Life building in Makati and in its headquarters in Muntinlupa. 

Through extending various assistance and partnering with kindred spirit, The Insular Life Foundation breaths life into the company’s corporate social responsibilities. Insular Life, after all, is in the business of making life better, not only for its clients but for the larger Philippine society.



If you want to make a contribution to the Insular Life Foundation through cash, in kind or to do volunteer work, please get in touch with Ms. Ana Maria Roa-Soriano, Senior Assistant Vice President, Public Relations Staff of Insular Life and concurrent Administrator of the Insular Life Foundation Tel No. 582-1818 extension 1840, Fax No. 771-1929 or email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.